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Procurement Committee

Committee works to address the issue of procurement of engineering services and to develop tools to assist clients in improving their methods of selection of these services.
Nick Ruehl
Ruehl + Associates
Glenn Schreiner
Nonmember Archive - Drops in 2019, Vice President
Charles Gonderinger
Nonmember Archive - Drops in 2017
Dwight Benoy
Daniel Larson
American Engineering Testing, Inc., CEO
Chris Chromy
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Jeff Rhoda
HDR, Area Transportation Business Development Leader
Mary Detloff
Engineering Alliance Minnesota
Jeff Gebhard
Braun Intertec Corporation, CTIO
Christopher Leverett
Will Leaf
Shawn Goetz
Hanson Professional Services, Inc., Vice President
In Spring 2014, Hanson opened an office in the Twin Cities metropolitan area to better serve clients and expand the firm?s presence in the upper Mi...
Jeff Ostrom
Chair KLJ, Business Development
Thomas Poul
Messerli Kramer, Attorney
Katy Sen
Messerli Kramer
John Krapek
ACEC/MN, Education & Outreach Director
Jonathan Curry
ACEC/MN, Executive Director
Jeffrey Coleman
Member Coleman & Erickson, LLC
David Wolfgram
Member Terracon Consultants, Inc.
Timothy Moe
Member Widseth
Gene Sieve
Member Burns & McDonnell Engineers-Consultants
Stephan Gale
Member Gale-Tec Engineering, Inc.
John Dillingham
Member Alliant Engineering, Inc.
Avo Toghramadjian
Member Isthmus Engineering, Inc., Vice President
Khani Sahebjam
Member SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Ismael Martinez-Ortiz
Member IMO Consulting Group, President