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American Engineering Testing, Inc.



About Us

AET is an employee-owned corporation founded in 1971. AET engineers, geologists, scientists and certified technicians investigate, analyze, monitor and test the built and natural environments to assist owners, consultants and contractors with the design, construction and restoration process. ENVIRONMENTAL: Phase I and II ESAs, wetland services, air emissions control, remedial investigations, corrective action design and asbestos and hazardous materials surveys. GEOTECHNICAL: Subsurface exploration reports and recommendations, pavement management, pile driving analysis (PDA). MATERIALS: Engineering evaluation and consultation, field and laboratory testing, quality assurance/control observation and testing, IBC Special Inspections, nondestructive testing. FORENSIC: Failure/distress investigation, historic preservation/restoration, building envelope assessment. PETROGRAPHIC: Hardened concrete analysis, aggregate and material testing.