2019-20 Board of Directors Announced!

May 22, 2019
Over 110 ACEC/MN members and friends gathered at the Bell Museum on Thursday, May 16, for an evening of networking and celebration at the Annual Meeting. Departing board members, the year’s achievements, and partnerships were highlighted at the gathering, and award winners were recognized for their accomplishments.

The following slate of officers was approved at the May 16, 2019 ACEC/MN Annual Meeting:
President                      Sirish Samba, Sambatek     
President-Elect            Jack Corkle, WSB
Vice President              Keith Jacobson, VAA
Treasurer                      Jeff Gebhard, Braun Intertec
Secretary                      Katherine Toghramadjian, Isthmus Engineering, Inc.
Past President/
   ACEC Natl. Director  Dan Larson, American Engineering Testing, Inc.
Young Engineer           Anthony Basden, Gausman & Moore Associates, Inc
Nick Achina                 ATS&R
Paul Asp                      HGA
Jeff Coleman               The Coleman Law Firm, LLC
Deb Rieder                   AKF Group LLC
Bill Forsmark               Barr Engineering Co.
Chris Leverett              Kimley-Horn
Bob Moore                   SRF Consulting, Inc.
Bret Morse                   TKDA
Will Leaf                       Cobb, Strecker, Dunphy & Zimmerman, Inc. (Alternate)
Tim Arvidson               Stonebrooke Engineering, Inc. (Alternate)

David Oxley, Executive Director
(952) 593-5533